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By blending various ethnic cooking techniques with the best quality island-grown ingredients, Chef Alan Wong sky-rocketed his name to international fame, creating a concoction of local cuisine and adding a contemporary twist.  As one of the founders of the Hawaii Regional Cuisine Chefs, Chef Ala Wong was able to acquire the James Beard award for Best Chef-Northwest which was given to him in 1996.  Also in the same year, he was included in the Wedgewood Awards list of 10 chef nominees vying for the title of World Master of Culinary Arts, as well as having his restaurant inducted in the Restaurant News Hall of Fame.

Chef Wong has been part of Bon Appetit Magazine’s culinary legends, being tagged as the “Master of Hawaii Regional Cuisine.”  His restaurant has been featured two times already in Gourmet Magazine’s rankings as the only restaurant in Honolulu to be classified as the top ten among the 50 best restaurants in the USA.

It was also Chef Wong, who authored the book New Wave Luau, who received numerous awards such as the Hale ‘Aina (10 times), and the Llima Awards in Hawaii, including “Best Restaurant” and “Restaurant of the Year”.  Being the owner and chef of both Alan Wong’s Restaurant and Honolulu’s Pineapple Room, he also managed to open up a branch in Disneyland, Tokyo, Japan.

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