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Sam Choy

Sam Choy (cropped from original picture

It was Sam Choy’s parents who introduced him, along with his siblings, to a great array of foods while they were young.  Each member of the family was assigned their own cooking tasks, both in their home and in their restaurant, which was owned and managed by his father.  During weekends, all of us are very busy in preparation of traditional Hawaiian luaus, for tourists that can easily accumulate to 800!

Sam Choy, who born by a Hawaiian-German mother named Clairemoana, was sent to the local Kapiolani Community College in the hopes of getting him jive with books and ultimately finding something that suits his interests.  It was not too long when Sam realized that it was with culinary arts that his heart belongs, that it was while cooking that he was at his happiest.  .

Sam initially worked in many establishments, particularly in kitchens of premier Hawaiian hotels.  After earning enough capital, he was able to open his debut restaurant in 1981, which was located on the big island of Hawaii.  He is now operating 2 restaurants in Honolulu, with 1 branch each on Japan and Guam.  Sam knows that with the achievements he reached in his life, his dad Hung Sam Choy would have been really proud of him.

Sam quotes that his success can be attributed to the variety of flavours and cultures that is uniquely Hawaii.  The old saying that “Lucky you live in Hawaii” has really lived up to the hype.

Besides this, Sam also notes that there aren’t many places in the world which is comparable to the beauty that is Hawaii.  It is here that you can find seemingly endless supply of fresh cuisine – be it seafood, fruits and vegetables, beef and poultry.  The way people cook their food in Hawaii is truly one of a kind, something that has made it truly distinct and renowned not only in the region, but also around the globe.  This is the meaning of Island Cuisine…Sam Choy style.

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